Selected Works




!!! "As If"
1010 Benja SL “Two Houses”
A Minor Forest “Flemish Altruism (Remaster)”
A Place To Bury Strangers "Pinned"
ABRA "Princess"
Acrylics "DADA Minor"
Ada Lea “what we say in private”
Air Waves "Warrior"
Alex G "Beach Music"
Alex G "Rocket"
Alex G “House Of Sugar”
Antwon “Heavy Hearted in Doldrums”
And So I Watch You From Afar “The Endless Shimmering”
Ariel Pink & Weyes Blood "Myths 002"
Astronauts, Etc. "Sadie"
Austra "Future Politics"
Battles “Juice B Crypts”
Beach Day “Trip Trap Attack”
Beach House "Thank Your Lucky Stars"
Beach House "B-Sides and Rarities"
Beacon “Gravity Pairs”
Bing & Ruth "Dorsal"
Björk "Utopia" (Mixing)
Black Lips "Satan's Graffiti or God's Art?"
Black Pus "All My Relations"
Blanck Mass "World Eater"
Blanck Mass “Animated Violence Mild”
Bobby Krlic “Midsommar Original Soundtrack”
The Body “Christ, Redeemers”
The Body/Sandworm “Split LP”
Bombino "Azel"
Bombino "Deran"
Boygenius “Boygenius EP”
Callers “Reviver”
Camilla Sodi “De Ella Y El Muerto”
Caroline Polachek "Drawing The Target Around The Arrow"
Cass McCombs "A Folk Set Apart: Rarities, Bsides & Space Junk"
Cass McCombs “Tip Of The Sphere”
Cate Le Bon “Reward”
Cate Le Bon & Bradford Cox “Myths 004”
Chad Valley "Entirely New Blue"
Chastity “Death Lust”
Chastity Belt “Chastity Belt”
Chelsea Wolfe “Birth Of Violence”
Cigarettes After Sex "K"
Cloudland Canyon "An Arabesque"
Cold War Kids “Minimum Day”
Colin L Orchestra “Infinite Ease”
Compton White "Compton White"
Cy Dune “No Recognize”
Daddy "Let Me Get What I Want"
Dances “Keep Talking”
Daughters “You Won’t Get What You Want”
Debo Band "Ere Gobez"
Deerhunter “Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared”
Delicate Steve "This Is Steve"
Delicate Steve “Till I Burn Up”
Diamanda Galás "At Saint Thomas The Apostle Harlem"
Diamond Terrifier "The Subtle Body Wears A Shadow"
DIANA "Familiar Touch"
DJ Dog Dick "The Life Stains"
Djo “Twenty Twenty”
Ed Schrader's Music Beat "Riddles"
El Petit De Cal Eril “Energia fosca”
Emel Mathlouthi "Ensen"
Emel Mathlouthi “Everywhere We Looked Was Burning”
Essaie Pas "Demain Est Une Autre Nuit"
Evian Christ "Waterfall"
Eternal Tapestry / Sun Araw “Night Gallery”
Eternal Tapestry “Wild Strawberries”
Eternal Summers "Gold And Stone"
Explosions In The Sky” How Strange Innocence- 20th Anniversary Edition”
Explosions In The Sky “The Rescue- 20th Anniversary Edition”
Evy Jane “EP”
Faten Kanaan "The Botanist & The Archaeologist"
Faten Kanaan “Foxes”
Fatima Al Qadiri “Atlantics Original Soundtrack”
Fever Ray “This Country Makes It Hard To Fuck (Björk Remix)” (Mixing & Mastering)
Fis “Preparations EP”
Flasher “Constant Image”
Foxtrott “EP”
Foxtrott “Meditations I, II & III”
Fred Thomas “Altering”
Fudge "Lady Parts"
GABI “Empty Me”
Gabriel Garzón-Montano "Jardín"
Gang Gang Dance “Kazuashita”
Galaxy Of Tar “Barreta EP”
Girlpool "Powerplant"
Girlpool “What Chaos Is Imaginary”
Golden Triangle “What I Did To You”
Gosh Pith “Window”
Grooms “Infinity Caller”
Grooms “Comb Your Feelings Through Your Hair”
Grooms "Exit Index"
Guardian Alien “Spiritual Emergency”
HAERTS “Wings”
HAERTS "All The Days"
Half Waif "Lavender"
Hand Habits “placeholder”
Hanz "Plasty I" & Plasty II"
Hannah Cohen “Welcome Home”
Holly Herndon “PROTO”
The Hidden Cameras “AGE”
His Clancyness “Vicious”
Hugh Marsh “Violinvocations”
Humanbeast “Venus Ejaculates Into the Banquet”
Holy Ghost "Crime Cutz EP"
Holy Ghost “Work”
Honduras “EP”
Hot Sugar “God’s Hand”
The Hotelier "Goodness"
Ian Sweet “Crush Crusher”
Indian Handcrafts “Civil Disobedience For Losers”
Ice Choir "Designs In Rhythm"
Ioanna Gika “Thalassa”
Iris “Radiant”
Jamaican Queens “Downers”
Japanese Breakfast "Soft Sounds From Another Planet"
Jay Som “Anak Ko”
Jenny Hval “The Practice of Love”
John Maus "Addendum"
John Maus "Screen Memories"
Jorge Elbrecht "Here Lies"
Jim-E Stack “Tell Me I Belong”
Katie Gately "Color"
Kazu Makino “Adult Baby”
Kelly Moran “Ultraviolet”
Kelsey Lu "Church EP"
Kisses “Kids in LA"
Landlady "The World Is A Loud Place"
Larry Gus "I Need New Eyes"
Lauren Auder "Who Carry's You" EP
Lea Bertucci "Metal Aether"
Leyla McCalla "A Day For The Hunter, A Day For The Prey"

Lightning Bolt “Fantasy Empire”
Lightning Bolt “Sonic Citadel”
Lingua Ignota “CALIGULA”
LOFT “and depart from mono games”
Longbeard “Means To Me”
Lucy Dacus "Historian"
Magic Man “Before The Waves”
Marissa Nadler “For My Crimes”
Marriages “Salome”
Mark Korven “The Lighthouse Original Soundtrack”
The Mars Volta “Noctourniquet”
Mary and Jeff “Slant Of Light”
Mass Gothic “I’ve Tortured You Long Enough”
Maurice Louca “Elephantine”
Mdou Moctar “Ilana (The Creator)”
Melkbelly “Nothing Valley”
Methyl Ethel “Triage”
Mica Levi "Jackie Original Soundtrack"
Mike Scheidt “Stay Awake”
Miserable “Lover Boy/Dog Days”
Mmph “Serenade EP”
Myrkur “Myrkur”
Molly Sarlé “Karaoke Angel”
Moon Duo “Circles”
Moon Duo "Occult Architecture, Vol 1 & 2"
Moon Duo “Stars Are The Light”
Neon Hitch "Happy Neon"
Neon Indian "VEGA Int'l Night School"
Nocturnal Habits "New Skin For Old Children"
No Devotion "Permanence"
No Joy "More Faithful"
No Joy "Creep"
Nothing “Guilty Of Everything”
Olga Bell “Krai”
Oozing Wound “Retrash”
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart “Hell EP”
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart "The Echo Of Pleasure"
Palehound "Dry Food"
Palehound "A Place I'll Always Go"
Palehound “Black Friday”
Patrick Higgins “Glacia”
Patrick Higgins "Bachanalia"
People Get Ready “Physiques”
Pinback "Some Offcell Voices"
Pixx "The Age Of Anxiety"
Pixx “Small Mercies”
Plankton Wat “Drifters Temple”
Plankton Wat “Spirits”
Planningtorock “Powerhouse”
Pontiak “Innocence”
Porcelain Raft "Microclimate"
Porches "Water"
Prefuse 73 “Rivington Nao Rio”
Prefuse 73 “Forsyth Gardens”
Prefuse 73 “Every Color Of Darkness”
Pretty and Nice “Us You All We EP”
Princess Century "Progress"
Princess Nokia “A Girl Cried Red”
Prince Rama "Xtreme Now"
RABIT "Communion"
Regal Degal "Pyramid Bricks"
Relaxer “Lasers”
Rhyton “Rhyton”
Rob Burger “The Grid”
Ryuichi Sakamoto “B2-Unit” (Remaster)
Ryuichi Sakamoto “BTTB” (Remaster)
Ryuichi Sakamoto “Black Mirror Smithereens Original Soundtrack”
Ryuichi Sakamoto "The Fortress Original Soundtrack"
Ryuichi Sakamoto “My Tyrano Original Soundtrack”
Ryuichi Sakamoto “The Staggering Girl Original Soundtrack)”
Sam Evian “Premium”
The Sea & Cake "Runner"
The Sea & Cake "Any Day"
serpentwithfeet "Blisters"
serpentwithfeet "Soil"
Shigeto “Versions”
Shura “forevher”
Sidi Toure “Alafia”
Sick Feeling "Suburban Myth"
Silversun Pickups “Widow’s Weeds”
Ski Lodge “Big Heart”
She Devils "She Devils"
She Keeps Bees “Eight Houses”
Sick Feeling “Suburban Myth”
The Skull Defekts “Dances In Dreams Of The Known Unknown”
The Skull Defekts “Peer Amid”
The Skull Defekts "The Skull Defekts"
Slothrust “The Pact”
Slowdive "Slowdive"
The Sons Of Morning "Speak Soon Volume One"
SQÜRL "Paterson Original Soundtrack"
SQÜRL “The Dead Don’t Die Original Soundtrack”
St Lucia “Acoustic Vol.1”
Start Your Own Fucking Show Space (Death By Audio Live Comp)
Stef Chura "Messes"
Steve Hauschildt “Dissolvi”
Suicideyear “Remembrance"
Surfer Blood “Pythons (Demos)”
Survival “Second Freedom"
Suzanne Ciani "Live Buchla at Machines in Music" (Mixing & Mastering)
Tamaryn "Cranekiss"
Tamaryn “Dreaming The Dark”
Thalia Zedek “SIX”
Thank You “Golden Worry”
Thank You “Pathetic Magic”
Toothless "The Pace Of Passing"
Torres "Three Futures"
Ty Segall “Mr. Face EP”
Trust "TRST"
Ultraista “You’re Out (Prefuse 73 Remix)”
UMFANG "Symbolic Use Of Light"
The USA Is A Monster “R.I.P.“
Vessel “Queen Of Golden Dogs”
Vive La Void "Vive La Void"
Wand “Laughing Matter”
Weekend “RED”
White Hills “So You Are…So You'll Be"
White Hills "Timeless Tracks For Aural Pleasure"
White Laces “Moves”
White Lung "Deep Fantasy"
Wiki "No Mountains In Manhattan"
WIN WIN "Primaries"
Wooden Shjips "West"
Wreckmeister Harmonies "Night Of Your Ascension"
Wunder Wunder "Everything Infinite"
Xeno & Oaklander "Par Avion"
Xeno & Oaklander “Hypnos”
Yob "The Great Cessation" (Remaster)
Yob "Our Raw Heart"
Young Galaxy "Down Time"
Young Prisms “Runner”
Youssra El Hawary "Ne'oom Nasyeen"
Zechs Marquise “Getting Paid”
Zola Jesus "OKOVI"
Zomes “Time Was”
Zomes "Near Unison"
Zs “Grain EP”
Zs “XE”